Disclaimer & Grievance Form

MCPANS holds its members to a high standard and requires adherence to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. If you have had an interaction with a member of MCPANS that you feel was somehow inappropriate, you can file a complaint.

All complaints will be directed to our Complaints Committee who will contact the Therapist to advise them that a complaint has been registered and offer them a chance for resolution. The resolution would be one in which both Complainant and Therapist feel they have been heard as well as concerns addressed.

If the behavior was beyond accepted standards, and/or there is no mutually agreed solution, then the issue is escalated to a Disciplinary Committee for further investigation.

It is important to remember that massage therapy is currently not a regulated health profession in Nova Scotia, so any disciplinary action can be enforced only within our membership. This means that if MCPANS decided to put limitations on a member or remove their membership with our organization, a person could simply continue working in Nova Scotia, without being affiliated with any massage association. We cannot stop a person from practicing, only from practicing as an MCPANS member.

If you feel that your interaction with a therapist was in violation of local laws – like theft, fraud, sexual or physical or emotional abuse, you should contact the police in your area.